Inspirational self hypnosis

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Learn Self hypnosis

What will I learn?

Our ‘Inspirational self-hypnosis’ course is  designed to teach you how to use self-hypnosis to achieve your goals of health, confidence, wealth, career or relationships.

This unique 1-day self-hypnosis course is designed to give you all the tools, techniques and information to be able to re-create your own program in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


  • Advanced self-hypnosis techniques to reduce stress, eliminate negative thoughts, behaviours and emotions
  • The fastest ways to make lasting change, and why it is so effective
  • How the mind and body connection is so important to your health and happiness
  • Why hypnosis can help you achieve your health, relationship and career goals
  • To cope with life’s stresses and strains more easily
  • How to create your own suggestions for your particular issues or goals
  • Simple ways to incorporate powerful self-hypnosis habits into your daily routines

Inspirational self hypnosis 1 day course £49